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Who Will Be The Chargers Starting Left Tackle Next Season?



It doesn’t sound like Marcus McNeill will be back with the Chargers next season. Check out this little excerpt from the Acee mailbag:

McNeill wants to play. That will be up to the Chargers. I don’t think he’ll be back … I think Dielman and Hardwick will be back. – Kevin Acee

Well, at least Kris Dielman and Nick Hardwick should be back!

Who is going to be our starting left tackle then?

We already know that the Brandyn Dombrowski project did not work at left tackle from the opportunities he got last season. Dombo was beaten over and over again by pass rushers and Philip Rivers was running for his life.

Will we invest big money to keep Jared Gaither as the starter at left tackle? He was awesome for us last season, but can we keep the guy motivated? If you look at some of he notes from his previous employers, you will see things about him being a big lazy bum! He was even nicknamed the BIG LAZY. Does Norval have the ability to keep this guy ticking? If not Gaither, then do we have another answer?

We might have to use that first round draft pick on an offensive tackle. Mike Adams, Jonathan Martin and Riley Reiff could be possibilities with that first round selection. AJ usually doesn’t use his first round draft picks on offensive lineman though and we still have a lot of holes to fill on the defense with those draft picks.

It seems that we may have to depend on the Big Lazy next season. Hopefully he continues to perform at a high level for us and can keep Philip standing.