2012 NFL Offseason Schedule

By Ernie Padaon

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Football season never ends! Here is what is coming up on tap:

February 20: Franchise Tag can be applied.

Starting on the 20th of February, NFL teams can apply the franchise tag to any big name free agents they want to secure for next season. This is the earliest that the Chargers can put that franchise tag on Vincent Jackson. We will likely try and negotiate a long term deal with him first, before we go to this option.

February 22-28: NFL Combine

The NFL Combine will officially kick off draft season. There will be live coverage of the workouts on NFL.com and NFL Network. This will be the first time that we may see major shifts in the expected draft order. This is where AJ will fall in love with Eric Weddle and Jacob Hester type players.

March 5: Deadline to apply Franchise Tag

Match 5th will be the final date that the Chargers can use that franchise tag to ensure that Vincent Jackson is playing in the blue and gold next season. Otherwise, he will likely jump into free agency.

March 13: Free agency begins at 4 PM

March 13th we will get all excited to have all these players available to us, but then we will later find out that we picked up some dude named Travis LaBoy. Could we bring in a bigger name this season? Maybe we can see a Dwight Freeney brought into town.

March 25-28: NFL owners meetings

This is where all the owners talk about how big their pocket books are and discuss some rule changes for the next season.

Mid-April: Teams begin offseason programs

The Chargers will have a new defensive coordinator, John Pagano, to begin his integration of his defensive attitude.

April 26-28: The NFL Draft begins in NYC

This is the date where we will have the ability to draft Courtney Upshaw and we will pass him up for Nick Perry or something like that. AJ is always ready to surprise us with his picks.

Late July: Training Camps begin

The boys are back and beginning their work toward that championship!

Early August: Preseason begins

Bryan Walters? Darryl Gamble? Who will we fall in love with this preseason? Who will we mistakenly let go of this season also like we did with Laurent Robinson?

September 6: Season opener

The Giants will host the season opener in the Jers.