49ers and Rams Will Get Into Bidding War For Vincent Jackson IF He Becomes Available

By Ernie Padaon

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

IF the San Diego Chargers let Vincent Jackson test out the market in free agency, then there will be a slew of teams that will jump in on a bidding war for his services. Who wouldn’t want a big strong receiver that can stretch the field and make big things happen?

Jason La Confora suggests that the St Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers would be two of the teams that would get into the mix to try and lure Jackson onto their teams.

When Jackson was holding out a couple of seasons ago with a contract dispute, the Rams were one of the teams that wanted to make a trade for him. The Rams traded for Brandon Lloyd last season and still are looking for more offensive weapons to join Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson. They need another weapon to open up the field more.

The 49ers have a really strong defense and they needed just a little bit more offensive firepower and they would have been in the Super Bowl. They needed more consistency from their wide receivers and Jackson could be the offensive weapon that they could add to put them over the top.

It is up to the Chargers to make their move now. The Chargers still have the option to franchise tag Jackson OR they can still negotiate a long-term deal with him. Does Jackson want to join a Jeff Fisher type offense with Bradford as his quarterback OR does he want to join an Alex Smith led offense? Jackson’s best option would be to stay with an offensive minded head coach with a Pro Bowl type quarterback like we have here in San Diego.

The Bolts are believed to start some contract negotiations with Jackson right after the Super Bowl. Philip Rivers and Norv Turner both have expressed their desire to keep Jackson in San Diego. Jackson also has said that he would like to stick around here. Now we will find out what AJ Smith’s thoughts are on keeping VJ around.