Antonio Cromartie is a Snitch. Points Finger at Shaun Phillips

By Ernie Padaon


First off, we already HATE Antonio Cromartie and his stupid crap talking that he does. We know he can’t keep his junk in his pants and has kids running all around this world. BUT now look what Antonio Cromartie did

Check out this article that just came out in the UT: 10News: Ex-Charger says Phillips threw bottle that hurt man

If you don’t wanna click on the link, here is a brief summary.

Back in the day (2009) the Chargers had a HUGE victory over the Broncos to get into the playoffs. The guys went out to PB to party a little bit and celebrate and then a fight broke loose and Antonio Cromartie was suspected of throwing a champagne bottle and hitting a dude in the head. There were assault charges that were filed on Cro.

Right after the incident, Cro said that the bottle slipped out of his hand. Then the story changed to he never threw the bottle at all. It all was done and gone and Cro was about to settle for a modest amount.

That amount must have been too much with all them kids running around, because NOW Cro is saying that he knows who threw the bottle and it was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the kitchen… I mean, it was SHAUN PHILLIPS!!!!

Here is the declaration that he signed:

I am of the belief that Shaun Phillips … threw the object. I, however, do not have further knowledge as to additional specific details of the incident including when or why Mr. Saran was struck with the object … I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct

Sounds like someone is a SNITCH!!!! That can get a man killed in the ghetto!

I guess we have to wait for what Shaun says, but I am pretty sure I know what it will be: “No, it wasn’t me and I will kill that fool!”

This will all probably go NOWHERE, except the fact that Cro is an idiot and threw his ex-teammate under the bus! Luckily Cro does not play offense because Shaun could be looking to kill a man on the football field!

Shaun Phillips may have actually done it.. but who are you going to believe? Cromartie or Shaun?