Pre-Super Bowl Online Buzz for Teams/Players

By Ernie Padaon

Here is an infographic from Banyan Branch, a Seattle-based full service social media agency, that highlights pre-Super Bowl online buzz about Giants and Patriots. The data was collected between December 30 and January 29.


  • Top: Summarizes mention of players names
  • 2nd Down: Compares stats with twitter volume by player (yardage/points attained)
  • 3rd Down: Volume of mentions of the team vs. the coach
  • Bottom: Word cloud of conversation for each team


  • Quarterbacks captured the majority of the conversation buzz – most of which was football related (though Tom Brady also has some conversation around his personal life mixed in)
  • Tom Brady generated the most conversation and yielded more yards than Eli Manning
  • Receivers for both teams also generated a fair amount of buzz primarily due to their own activity on the channel and we did not see any correlation between the volume of Twitter traffic and statistical performance on the field
  • People like to talk about the Giants, but the Patriot players individually get more attention, including the coaches