Who Will Chargers Fans Be Rooting For on Super Bowl Sunday?

By Ernie Padaon

Two EPIC football games this weekend and we have the New England Patriots and the New York Giants surviving to get to the Super Bowl. How could it get any worse for Bolts fans?

On one hand, we have the New England Patriots. We just love to HATE this team and their cheating ways. We HATE Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and everything that they are about. It is more out of jealousy and envy though. We keep getting stopped short of the Super Bowl and a huge road block for us has been the Patriots. They are the team that we want to be AND we have come short over and over and over again.

Then on the other hand, we have Eli Manning and the New York Giants. We have hated Eli ever since the day that we had the number 1 draft pick and Papa Manning said that his son would not play for our organization. He has already gone on to win one Super Bowl and now is looking to take another one. How can we root for that!?

Who do we root for in this game?!

I will be rooting for Victor Cruz and that New York Giant defense to win this game. I can’t stand seeing the Patriots win the Super Bowl again. The most annoying part of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, is their loud and obnoxious fans. I don’t want to hear them at all! They drive me bananas! So…. GO GIANTS!!