Talking Twitter With Chargers PR Guy

By Ernie Padaon

With some of the recent news of our players making noise on twitter, with their “fake fans” and “#LosAngelesChargers” comments, I thought it would be nice to get some thoughts from the Chargers Director of Public Relations, Bill Johnston, on the subject. I sent him out some questions and here was his responses:

What are your thoughts on Chargers players with twitter?· I’m in favor of players using Twitter and other forms of social media communication, as long as they are used properly. The players have to remember they represent the Chargers 24/7 and they always must keep the team first.

Do you think it helps/hurts the image of the team?· Again, it always depends on how it’s used. Overall, our players have used Twitter well as a communication tool to help build the connection between the team and our fan base.

With recent tweets about ‘Fake Fans’ and ‘#LosAngelesChargers’, are players spoken to when it hurts the team?· We often help players with talking points to help them represent themselves and the team, both points about what to say and what not to say.

Are players given any guidelines on twitter?· Twitter is no different than any other communication vehicle – TV, radio, print, etc. As long as the players remember they are a Charger 24/7 and they are always on the record, they are fine.

I love that players are on twitter and it gives us added access to some of our favorite players.  I am not sure why I care that Shaun Phillips is in Los Angeles watching a Lakers game OR the fact that some rookie is sitting at home playing Modern Warfare. I guess it just makes these athletes a little more real. Unfortunately, some of the players say some stupid stuff on there and make the whole team look bad.

Thanks go out to Bill Johnston for taking some of his time to talk to our community of fans here! Follow Bill on twitter at @ChargersPRguy