NFC Championship Game: Who You Pickin?

By Ernie Padaon

We got the Packers and the Saints…. OH WAIT! That is the game that we all wanted to see and now both of them are sitting on the sideline with our Chargers! How painful would it be to go 15-1 in the regular season and then get tossed in the first playoff game? Probably as painful as going 14-2 and getting tossed in the first playoff game!!!!

We have the New York Giants moving onto the Championship game after bouncing the previous champs out of the playoffs. They are led by one of our favorite quarterbacks, ELI MANNING. The more Eli wins, the more HATE we have for him. He is surrounded by a nice group of receivers and he has a really good defense.

Then we have former Chargers QB Jim Harbuagh leading the 49ers into the Championship game. They have a really strong defense and an offense that just gets enough done to win games. They don’t make any mistakes on offense and control the football.

Who will move on into the Super Bowl?

I think the Giants and Eli Manning have more offense than the 9ers and should be able to put up a few more points than Alex Smith. It should be a tough, grind-it-out football game and these two teams will beat each other up.

Giants 17 – 49ers 13