Epic Playoff Saturday

By Ernie Padaon

We got some pretty darn good football games going today.

We have the New Orleans Chargers with Drew Brees and Darren Sproles leading the attack against former Chargers QB Jim Harbaugh and his San Francisco 49ers. We wish that our head coach could inspire our team like Harbaugh has been able to do with the 49ers. That 9ers defense is really tough and they hold the home field in this game. Will the team be mentally tough for their first playoff game in forever? Will Alex Smith continue his mistake-free football play? Will that defense be able to stop Drew Brees and that offense?Cool Brees won’t have the turf field to help his guys get that extra speed boost, but he still has plenty of weapons all over the field. The Lightning Bug Darren Sproles will try and remind us more and more that he has not lost a step this season. Will this offense be able to continue its dominance out in San Francisco?

I will go ahead and take the Saints to win this game. The game will be really close, but the Saints will squeak through into the NFC Championship game.

Right after that game, we get to see the Denver Tebows and the New England Patriots. Will Tebow be able to pull off another miracle victory?

The New England defense is not anything special and it could allow Tebow to make some big things happen through the air. That Denver defense is pretty good too and they can get some pressure on the quarterback. BUT will they be able to stop Tom Brady and that offense. Brady whips that ball all over the field to Gronk, Hernandez and Welker. This will be another fun matchup to watch.

I think the Patriots pull this game off and they finally knock out the Tebows. I think that they pull it off big. I still can’t find myself to root for Denver, but if they get by the Patriots, that might change.