If Vincent Jackson Walks, Who is Available?

By Ernie Padaon

If VJ walks away, then our starting receivers would be Malcom Floyd and Vincent Brown, with Bryan Walters and Richard Goodman as the backups?!?! That is one WEAK group of receivers and we would need to find some players to fill in that depth through free agency or the draft.

Just in case CRAP happens and Vincent Jackson does walk away, who would be available for us to go after? IF VJ walks away, it will be because we didn’t offer him up enough money to stay, so free agents like DeSean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston and Stevie Johnson will be out of our price range.

We would have to find some talent in the second tier of players. Philip Rivers and Norv Turner have the ability to make them into play makers. Here are some possible second-tier free agents that stood out:

  • Pierre GarconOn a terrible Colts team, Garcon was one of the few bright spots out there. He nearly topped 1000 yards for the season with JOE NOBODY throwing him the ball. He is just getting out of his rookie contract and he may be looking for a nice contract.
  • Mario ManninghamI think he has the same disease as Malcom Floyd. He can’t stay on the field EVER, but when he is out there he makes good things happen. Don’t know if we would like the idea of having them both sitting on the sideline taking up all the trainer’s time/
  • Jerome SimpsonHave you seen how athletic this guy is?!? He did a front flip over a guy in the end zone and landed on his feet. He is also from Coastal Carolina… sounds like an AJ guy! He even fits the height standards for our receivers.
  • Robert MeachemMeachem is stuck on the bench with all the talent they have in New Orleans and it might be time for him to seek a starting job somewhere.
  • These guys are definitely not Vincent Jackson, but we better find someone to try and fill in half of his shoes. Philip Rivers is good, but when he has some talent around him he can be that much better!

    Aaron Rodgers has Jennings and Jordy… Brady has Welker and Gronk… Brees has Colston and Graham… we need to keep these offensive weapons together OR we need to reload this gun. JUST KEEP VINCENT AND MAKE IT EASY!