Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

My favorite day of the week! Is it time to go home yet!??!?! Enjoy the dump!

The Chargers’ Qualcomm Stadium lease doesn’t expire until 2020, but each year the team has a three-month window from February through April to explore new options. Chargers general counsel Mark Fabiani said the team’s decision to stay put in 2012 goes back to the Chargers’ goal to remain in San Diego and build a new stadium.

Wildcard weekend in the NFL was exactly that. Wild, record-setting and upsetting. When it was over Sunday night it was exhilarating and also frustrating. You saw former Chargers do amazing things, and it drove home the point how far San Diego is from being the great football franchise it used to be.

SAN DIEGO — The Chargers’ roster will have a dramatically different look next season. General manager A.J. Smith conceded that point last week with a harsh evaluation of his own personnel decisions and the team’s performance.

The 2012 NFL Draft will be A.J. Smith’s 10th draft as general manager of the Chargers, and will arguably be his most crucial one. This is a time for San Diego to improve on weaknesses that prevented them from making the playoffs the last two seasons, as well as get younger at other positions. Here is a mock draft for the Chargers based on draft needs and player rankings