Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

Playoffs?!?! Yea, a game we should be playing in but our team underachieved again for another season… Those start today.

POSTSEASON: Not this season for this franchise. Enjoy watching the Saints-Lions game, the Falcons-Giants game, where you will see players the Chargers gave away, Michael Turner, Darren Sproles and Drew Brees, playing very well for other teams. It will also bring you flashbacks of past Bolts banished in other places, who by the way, got Super Bowl rings. Remembering Rodney Harrison, Junior Seau and John Carney.

The NFL has fined San Diego Chargers linebacker Antwan Barnes $25,000 for bumping a referee Sunday in the Chargers’ 38-26 win at Oakland.

The San Diego Chargers safety, already bound for his first Pro Bowl, was named first-team All-Pro on Friday by the Associated Press.

Jets backup quarterback Greg McElroy did something incredibly stupid recently. He told the truth, and not the happy “we had problems, we’ll be back” version NFL teams love to tell this time of year.