How Many Wins Will The Chargers Have Next Season?

By Ernie Padaon

With the Chargers keeping Norv Turner and AJ Smith around for another season and with our scheduled opponents being announced. We can make a way too early prediction on how many wins the Chargers will have next season.

Here is the scheduled opponents again, if you missed out:

Home games:Baltimore Ravens: get them at home again. Will we be able to make a repeat performance of what we did last year?Cincinnati Bengals: our first look at Andy Dalton and AJ Green.Tennessee Titans: could Jeff Fisher be facing off against his former team?Atlanta Falcons: We get to face them in our place. They tend to struggle away from home.Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton…should be fun to see

AFC West:Denver Broncos: will Tim Tebow still be the starter?Oakland Raiders: no draft picks in the first 4 rounds of the draft!Kansas City Chiefs: Jamaal Charles will be back. Will Orton still be their starting QB?

Road Games:Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden and that pass defense will come to town. Potentially a black out game.Pittsburgh Steelers: always a big matchup and we will see what craziness Troy Polamalu and that defense pulls on us this time.New York Jets: will Sanchez still be the starter? Will LT still be on that team?Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jon Gruden facing his former team?New Orleans Saints: get ready for all the Brees and Sproles talk.

I am going to try and be an optimist and say that we end up with 10 wins. 4 of the wins will come from the AFC West and then I will say that we get wins against Cleveland, Tennessee, Atlanta, Tampa, Cincinnati and Carolina. Just off the information that we know, what are your predictions?