Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson Is “Pissed”

By Ernie Padaon

What is up with Raiders head coach Hue Jackson disappearing from the post game hand shake after he got stomped by our San Diego Chargers? I know it is just a hand shake and we shouldn’t make a big deal about it, but these guys play a game for a living. At the end of a game you shake the other team’s hand and say good game! It’s not difficult and it is part of sportsmanship.

Hue later explained that he was “just pissed” and didn’t want to be harassed. I guess he would rather take the harassing later for not shaking a hand.

You could tell that Hue was “pissed” in the post game press conference when he called out all his players and the defense, but then backing off and saying he will take all the blame:

At some point in time as a group of men, you go in the game, and you can say whatever you want about coaches, you win the game.

Here’s your time. Here’s your time to make plays. We didn’t get ’em stopped. And we didn’t make enough plays, so yeah, I’m pissed at the team.

I’m also, like I tell them, I’ll always put it on me. But I am pissed at my team, because when you have those kinds of opportunities, you’ve got to do it, and we didn’t do it. – Hue Jackson (Mercury News)

I will always put it on me, BUT…..

Isn’t he the leader of the team that laid an egg in such an important game? I know when we didn’t show up for our game in Detroit, I pointed at one person: Norval.

Hue is pissed and I am happy that we are the ones to make the Raiders head coach feel this way!