Greg Manusky Gets a Vote Of Confidence From Norv

By Ernie Padaon

Norv thinks that Greg Manusky did a good job this year:

Doesn’t it sound like Norv is throwing AJ Smith under the bus again? The team didn’t have enough impact players on defense, but who changed from this defense from last year? We lost Kevin Burnett and Stephen Cooper, but we gainedDonald Butler and Takeo Spikes. We kept Eric Weddle around and he had the best year in his career.

IF Norv is back, we CAN’T have Greg Manusky running the defense again! Do you remember the ugliness on defense that we saw against Detroit? We only stopped the Raiders because they struggled near the goal line and they had to settle for field goals. A bend but don’t break defense will drive us all nutty and will not work!

We need to make changes… And I keep getting this stupid feeling that Norv will be back next season. At least change the defensive coordinator! I’m gonna vomit now!