It Will Be “A Couple” of Days Till We Know

By Ernie Padaon

Dean Spanos is going to use “a couple” of days to reveal his decision for Norv Turner and AJ Smith. This is what Kevin Acee tweeted about it:

@sdutChargersS.D. U-T Chargers Dean Spanos reiterated he’ll take “a couple” days to think about Turner’s & Smith’s future. Said again “impressed” by how hard play for NorvJan 02 via OpenBeakFavoriteRetweetReply

So, if you take that literally, we should know by Tuesday or Wednesday. It SHOULD be around that time that we hear something IF we want to start our head coaching search as soon as possible.

If it takes any longer, then I might begin to wonder if we are going to keep everything the same. I don’t like the idea of Dean being “impressed” with what Norval has done in the last few weeks. We have had this same story over and over again! It’s time for a change!!!

I’m NORVOUS about all of this!