Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

We are almost here. The final supper for Norv Turner! Everyone stay safe out there and Happy Mew Year!!!

While there has been speculation on the collective psyche of the San Diego Chargers and their level of motivation for their season finale Sunday against the Raiders, Hue Jackson knows what to expect.

“Everybody writes them off for dead,” Jackson said. “I know what that feels like because I heard that about our team about three weeks ago. I don’t pay any attention to any of that. What we need to do is play our best game Sunday.”

Quentin Jammer didn’t stutter, mutter or mince his words.

He insisted it nearly two months ago, and this week, he repeated the same message, again and again.

Here are some forward and backward thoughts on the Chargers as they prepare for their most important — and possibly unfortunate — offseason week since Kevin Gilbride was hired. …

If boss Dean Spanos is assured that General Manager A.J. Smith can get Jon Gruden in here as the team’s replacement for head coach Norv Turner, he should do cartwheels, shout to the heavens and tap dance as dad Alex once did with Bob Hope.