Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

Happy Friday!!!!

This Sunday the San Diego Chargers have nothing to play for except pride. That is exactly why the Oakland Raiders should flatten those Chumps like a Snicker bar in Warren Sapp’s back pocket. When it comes to Norv Turner coached teams pride is nothing more than how you feel when you get your paycheck. There is no pride on the field only smiles at the bank.

We’re back in “rooting for the San Diego Chargers to lose” mode here at BFTB for one last week. At this point, with Norv Turner gone and the Bolts officially eliminated from the playoffs, the only reason I could see for rooting for a victory would be improving the job security of A.J. Smith.

By the start of every first NFL minicamp, self-introductions among teammates are frequently required, given the great amount of personnel turnover that all teams experience between seasons. Next spring, that could be especially true of the Chargers, many of whom presently are wrapping up the final years of their contracts and some of whom were asked if they expect the San Diego clubhouse of 2012 to be a roomful of strangers.

In the royal court of befuddling statistics, sitting on the golden throne, Chargers inside linebacker Takeo Spikes saw his number of career playoff appearances stay static at zero Saturday when the Chargers were eliminated from postseason contention.

By next week, the Chargers’ cloudy organization should gain some clarity. The verdicts on embattled general manager A.J. Smith and coach Norv Turner will be determined, as you set the course for an average team that needs a jolt.