Who Do You Want To See Win The AFC West?

By Ernie Padaon

Since we can’t win this division, who do you want to see win it this weekend? OR do you even care?

Do you want to see the NO QB SKILLS, running the option all day long and praying that they are close in the 4th quarter Broncos to win this division? I have this LOVE/HATE thing going on with Tim Tebow. I like the guy as a person, but I HATE that he is winning games in that Denver Donkey uniform. I hate it even more because he is a terrible quarterback! We have one of the best QBs in the league on our team and stumbled through the season, while they kept winning with him. FRUSTRATING!

OR do you want to see those stinkin’ Oakland Raiders win the AFC West? DANG, guess that was an easy decision.

What terrible options to choose from!!!

In the last 3 seasons, there will have been 3 different AFC West champions. We need to grab hold of this division again and never let go. Hopefully the changes that we make in the offseason will rejuvenate the team and we can make our run back into the playoffs.

My choice between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos? I want both of them to lose this weekend and that would mean that the Broncos back their way into the playoffs. I would love to see Kyle Orton beat up on his former team and beat the QB that stole his job. The Broncos probably will then lose in the first round of the playoffs and then all the Tebow talk can stop and they can remember that he is a bad. I HATE the Oakland Raiders more than the Denver Tebows and I never want to see them win anything, so I will have to root for the Tebows to take the division.

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