Matchup To Watch: Gaither vs Wimbley

By Ernie Padaon

The last time the Chargers faced off against the Oakland Raiders, Kamerion Wimbley had a monster game. LB Aaron Curry knocked out Marcus McNeill at the start of the game and may have possibly knocked McNeill out for his career. Then Wimbley came in and took advantage of backup Brandy Dombrowski for the rest of the game.

Dombrowski looked like he was escorting Wimbley into the backfield all day long for a collision with Philip Rivers. Wimbley finished the game with 4 sacks and it seemed like he hit Philip every time he dropped back for a pass. It was UGLY!

Jared Gaither has since joined the team to play left tackle and he has been a savior for the team. The offensive line play has been awesome ever since his arrival and he has had to play against some stiff competition. This will be another opportunity for Gaither to show his worth with his contract ending after the game.

This should be one of the better matchups to watch during the game. A nice performance from Gaither could convince the (new) GM to bring him back for a few more seasons. He probably has played well enough already.


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