Can We At Least Shut The Raiders Fans Up?

By Ernie Padaon

I know that there is a game this weekend and it is against the HATED Oakland Raiders, but with our season already done, I can’t help but anticipate what will happen in the coming days after that game. Who will be fired and who will be brought in to replace the FIRED.

This will be Norv’s last game as head coach of the Bolts and let’s see how he responds. Is he in lame duck mode now OR will he try to go out with a BANG? These are the Oakland Raiders and we need to win this game for PRIDE! We can keep the Raiders out of the playoffs for another season and we need to stop their 3-game winning streak against us.

This season has been a waste, but the least we can do is shut up all those Oakland Raider fans. I like it better when all the Raiders fans can hold onto is those Championships from decades ago. That used to be their only comeback to us. Right now they can talk about BEATING us down for 3 straight games. AND those 3 games were not PRETTY. They overpowered us in those games and made us look really soft. We need to end all that and begin a new winning streak against them.

For Bragging Rights and For Pride! Cuz that is all we have left this season!

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