Countdown Begins to Ushering in a New Era

By Ernie Padaon

Let’s start this countdown for a new head coach and possibly a new general manager!!! We are about a week away (give or take a couple of days) from this awesomeness finally happening! We have been waiting for this for a few seasons and we finally will be getting our wish of seeing a change soon.

We won’t be playing any playoff games, but will get to usher in a new era. Not the same excitement of the playoffs, but still exciting for us. Someone new will be given the keys to this ride and they better take us to glory! We have high expectations now!

We still believe that the Chargers should be competing with the best and that we have been stumbling over our own feet because of Norval and his terrible game planning and horrible ability to inspire. If we can get a “real” head coach in here, then we should be competing for the Super Bowl.

We might end up with a losing record this season, but we were only blown out once and there were multiple games that we had a chance to pull off the win at the end of the game and just fell short. Close games are won and lost by coaching AND the new coach that comes in to town will be expected to win games. OR at least put up a better effort than we did.

We have high expectations now! With Philip Rivers on this team, we will always expect to compete with the best and we will always expect to make it into the playoffs. We don’t want to settle with just the playoffs, but missing out for the last 2 seasons makes us hungry just to get in. So whoever is taking over, whether it is Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher OR whoever, better be ready for these type of expectations. Rex Ryan said that he would have won a couple of championships already with this team… that is going to be our expectation!

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