Detroit Punches Chargers in the Mouth… Kiss Norval Goodbye

By Ernie Padaon

Lions 38 – Chargers 10

It’s CLOBBER time!!! Well, that was a mess!!! Didn’t we do the same thing last year against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 16? Just ran out of steam again!!!

The defense was playing the prevent all day long. One game after Greg Manusky came up with a brilliant gameplan, he comes out with that awful output! We couldn’t put any pressure on Matthew Stafford and everyone seemed open down the field. We couldn’t stop them or even slow them down.

The offense was held scoreless for the first half and our leading rusher was sitting on the bench for most of the game. We trusted in Mike Tolbert the whole game and he kept getting tackled before scoring OR before the first down and then he kept dropping passes.

We even got some help around the league that we needed, but we couldn’t win the game that we needed! What a mess! Kiss Norv GOODBYE!!!! It has not been fun!!!