Chargers Year in Review: April

By Ernie Padaon

The 2011 calendar is coming to and end and we are about to welcome in 2012 very soon. Hopefully we can celebrate it with some fireworks and some the Chargers sneaking into the playoffs. Anything is possible! With 2011 ending, let’s look back throughout the year and review what has happened.

Here is April 2011:

April 4: Philip Rivers was voted off of the cover for the new Madden Game when AP received more votes. Sure feels like Philip had some of that curse to start out the year.

April 21: Eric Weddle sued Alka Seltzer for using his college photo on the front of their products.

April 26: Some Chargers got on TMZ for flirting with Sami Sweetheart from the Jersey Shore.

April 27: Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers says that he wants a trade and one of the teams that he mentions is the Chargers.

April 28: Chargers select Corey Liuget with our first round pick, while tons of fans expected us to select Cameron Jordan.

April 29: Day 2 of the draft and we select Marcus Gilchrist and then ask “WHAT?!?! WHO?!?!?” on the selection of Jonas Mouton.

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