The Punch List ~ December 21 ~ Football Edition

By ChargerGirl Cindi

With the holiday’s arriving I have noticed a lot of folks are grumpy.  Take time out for this weeks Punch List and put a little smile on your face.  If this doesn’t work, then yell at a wack-a-do in the Target parking lot.  Thank you for voting!

10.  Travis LaBoy – Well, he can’t stay healthy and should not be a starter.   When he does manage to be healthy enough to start he barely makes an effort.

9.   Brandyn Dombrowski  – Whenever we see him he is watching someone fly past.  He needs to focus and stop thinking about pizza.

8.   Greg Manusky – If the Chargers defense shows up again this week I might just remove him from the list.  I still want him fired, but Weddle is saving him from a punch.

7.   Spanos Family – I hope the blackouts and the six game slip in the middle of the season are not forgotten.  Other teams are already sniffing at the available coaches that the Chargers might want.  Why wait?

6.   Tim Tebow – Tebow (aka, Teabag and Jesus Christ) was voted in last week and then the Bronco’s lost.  Coincidence?  We will see.

5.  The Oakland Raiders – Who doesn’t want to punch a Raider in the face?

4.  AJ Smith  – Useless.  I really cannot wait for a GM who knows how to make draft picks, trades and demand the best from the coaching staff.

3.  Norv Turner  – Contrary to popular commentary, he is not a “play calling mastermind”.  I am not sure why when Norv finally pulls his head from his butt that everyone jumps on his bandwagon.  If he was as intelligent and adept at putting together a game plan as some think, we would have won a few playoff games and maybe a Super Bowl by now.  He has passed his prime and needs to be put out to pasture.

2.  DeMaurice Smith  –   The executive committee of the NFL Players Association announced Wednesday they have voted to award executive director DeMaurice Smith a $1 million bonus.  This guy is one of the problems with the players union and until the committee stops making poor choices each season is in jeopardy.

1.  Jerry Sandusky  – This guy is so toxic that even reporters vying for an interview are getting arrested.

I hope you enjoy the list, have a happy holiday and don’t forget to vote for next week.

ChargerGirl Cindi