Chargers Year in Review: March

By Ernie Padaon

The 2011 calendar is coming to and end and we are about to welcome in 2012 very soon. Hopefully we can celebrate it with some fireworks and some the Chargers sneaking into the playoffs. Anything is possible! With 2011 ending, let’s look back throughout the year and review what has happened.

Here is March 2011:

March 3: Chargers signed Bob Sanders and we were all in disbelief that we made a move in free agency for a player that we recognized.

March 15: Kevin Burnett called out the commissioner Roger Goodell during the lockout and called him a blatant LIAR!

March 22: Philip Rivers shares that he is gather teammates to prepare for the season despite the NFL lockout.

March 24: Norv Turner in attendance during SDSU’s Pro Day. Seems like WR Vincent Brown impressed Norval that day.

March 30: Antonio Gates found a job on Jimmy Kimmell as the IT guy.

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