Chargers Year in Review: February

By Ernie Padaon

The 2011 calendar is coming to and end and we are about to welcome in 2012 very soon. Hopefully we can celebrate it with some fireworks and some the Chargers sneaking into the playoffs. Anything is possible! With 2011 ending, let’s look back throughout the year and review what has happened.

Here is February 2011:

February 2: Philip Rivers‘ baby brother signed with the LSU Tigers. The LSU Tigers had a pretty dang good team this year!

February 6: Marsha Brady was on a Super Bowl commercial and was rocking a San Diego Chargers t-shirt!

February 7: Cameron Diaz fed Alex Rodriguez in the Super Bowl. Not Chargers news, but just had to remind everyone about it.

February 14: Legedu Naanee found himself in trouble with the law again. This time he was in Indianapolis drunk in public and when he was arrested he hit the cop with the “Do you know who I am?” line. That signaled the last time that we would see him in a Bolt uniform.

February 15: Vincent Jackson was slapped with the franchise tag, keeping him in a Bolt uniform for at least one more year.

February 18: The Indianapolis Colts released Bob SandersSoon after we picked him up and were hoping he could just stay healthy for the season.

February 28: Former Charger Shawn Lee died. He was a member of the 1994 Super Bowl Team.

It was a slow month for Chargers football. The Packers won the Super Bowl and we were all sitting at home on the couch without even a playoff game.

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