3-Way Ties For Wild Card Spot Work In Chargers Favor

By Ernie Padaon

It is amazing that we are thinking about the playoffs at this time, considering 3 weeks ago we were trying to get EVERYONE and their mother fired.

I mentioned how we could make it as the AFC West Champion, we would need the Broncos to lose their remaining games. I also mentioned how we could win the wild card spot, we would need the Jets to lose their final 2 and then the Bengals lose at least one more game.

Here is another scenario in which the Bolts can make it into the playoffs. We do not win a tie-breaker straight up against the New York Jets, because they beat us in that head-to-head match-up earlier in the year… BUT if we finish in a 3-way tie or 4-way tie with the Jets, WE WIN THAT TIE BREAKER for the Wild Card spot! Miracles can happen and this is helping me believe MORE!

Of Course, we need to make sure that we take care of business on our end first. We still need to beat the Lions and Raiders! So, we take care of business this weekend against Detroit and we can find ourselves with a lot of life going into week 17.

One team that is still in the playoff mix, that we SHOULD be rooting for is the Tennessee Titans. They can only help us. They are sitting at 7-7 AND if they finish the season at 9-7 tied with us, we win that tie-breaker. Also, if they get to 9-7, they could be that 3rd team we NEED in order to win a tiebreaker against the Jets. The Titans have the Jaguars this week and a beat up Texans team to end the season. Hopefully the Texans are resting up players for the playoffs by that time.

So, we need the Jets and the Bengals to at least LOSE one more and we need to win our final TWO. Wemight as well root for the Titans to win their final 2 games. Hopefully by next week, we can find ourselves tied with the Broncos, Jets, Bengals and Titans with an 8-7 record. That would definitely be the best case scenario!

You can use the ESPN Playoff Machine to test out the different possibilities.

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