Let’s Go Patriots!

By Ernie Padaon

I am predicting that the Patriots are going to BLOW OUT the Donkeys this week! BUT this game still has me Norvous because Timmy Tebow has been pulling off miracles this season! Should’t Timmy boy be celebrating the Sabbath and taking Sundays off? Chick-fil-a doesn’t open on Sundays and Timmy should be doing the same thing!

Anyway, I never thought that there would be a time to root for Tom Brady and those Patriots, but this Sunday will be the day! I won’t just be rooting for them to win either, I want the Patriots to DESTROY the Broncos. Like, make the whole Donkey roster feel like they are worthless type of destroy. Like, WORST DAY EVER type of loss that could just linger and put them on a skid for the rest of the season type of thing! Taht can happen right?

Tom Brady can pass it to Gronkowski and Welker all day long! Especially Welker (I need him to perform well this weekend for my fantasy playoffs)! The Patriots defense needs to figure out how to handle Tim Tebow and their college style offense. I think the best way to take care of that is by putting up a ton of points and forcing him to throw the ball. Let’s go Patriots! I won’t say that often!

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