The Punch List ~ December 14 ~ Football Edition

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Time for this weeks Punch List.  Thank you for voting!

10.  Travis LaBoy  –  Due to popular demand, he is staying at number 10.  Again, when is this guy going to show up?

9.   Brandyn Dombrowski  –  Focus man.

8.   Greg Manusky – Please, please, please be on the list with Norv and AJ.  You really have no idea what is going on out there.

7.   Spanos Family – Fire Norv NOW.

6.   Tim Tebow – I am so tired of this guy and his antics.  Plus he was voted in.

5.  The Oakland Raiders  –  Well, I’m feeling a little sorry for them lately.  Maybe they will drop off the list.  NOT!

4.  AJ Smith  –  Nothing new.

3.  Norv Turner  –  I’m feeling Joe Paterno dropping off this list next week and Norv sliding into second.

2.  Joe Paterno  –  Hurry up.

1.  Jerry Sandusky  –  This is going to be permanent.

Enjoy the list and vote for next week.

ChargerGirl Cindi