Marion Barber is a Big Doo-Doo Head

By Ernie Padaon

Watch where you are putting those hands buddy

Cussing is BAD, so I will go with the elementary school name calling techniques for Marion Barber. What kind of madness did this fool do yesterday!?!?! We needed some big time help from the Bears and it looked like we were going to be able to get it yesterday, but then there was some bonehead moves from Marion the Barbarian!

With less than 2 minutes on the clock and the Bears with the ball and the Broncos WITHOUT any timeouts, Barber gets pushed out of bounds to kill the clock! The Broncos are down by THREE and you give them extra time to try and drive down the field. Do you know who is standing on the other sideline?! The Mile High Messiah Tim Tebow has been putting together 4th quarter comebacks all season long.

Tebow takes over with about 50 ticks left and drives the ball 40 yards to set up a FIFTY-NINE yard field goal attempt. If Barber did not run out of bounds on that play, then the Donkeys would have had about 12 or 13 seconds left to try and make that drive WITHOUT timeouts. Matt Prater and his bionic leg nailed the 59 yard field goal attempt to tie the ball game up. That kick looked like it would have been good from 65 yards out.

Then we get to OT and QB Caleb Hanie is actually putting a drive together by completing passes. The Bears are marching towards field goal range and Lovie Smith starts going Norv Turner OR Marty Schottenheimer with the play calls and starts calling for a couple of running plays. Barber gains 3 on one down and then on third down he chokes up the football to the Donkeys. WORST DAY EVER!

Barber has been in this league for 7 years and he should know the fundamentals of this game. When you are trying to kill the clock with less than 2 minutes, you stay in bounds and let that clock keep ticking. When you get into field goal range and the game is on the line, the opposing teams will be reaching in out of desperation to try and cause a turnover. HOLD ONTO THE FOOTBALL! I feel like I am talking to one of my own Chargers backs with that line, but this running back fumble could have sealed out fate! Thanks Marion Barber, you big doo-doo head!

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