Happy 30th Birthday Philip Rivers

By Ernie Padaon

Happy birthday to our boy Philip Rivers. He hits the Dirty 30 mark today and he should celebrate with a 4 game win streak to end out the season. Maybe Tim Tebow can give him a 4-game Denver Bronco losing streak to end the season.

We just want Philip to build on top of his last performance against the Jaguars. We liked seeing good ol’ Philip out there slinging the ball out to all of his receivers for big gains. That is the quarterback that we know and love here in San Diego AND that is who we expect to see every Sunday.

The GM (AJ or whoever they decide to bring in next season) should get Philip some help at the end of the season. He needs some big uglies up front to get the dirty work done and to give him time to throw the ball. We need to make sure that Vincent Jackson is lining up at receiver and is smiling on the sideline. We should also get him a third down back that can break off a long run every now and then.

Happy Birthday Philip! Let’s get these wins!