Dean Spanos ~ “it’s been a miserable six weeks”

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Listening to Dean Spanos interview with the Rock 105.3 Pre-Game Show yesterday I am getting a little nervous.   He makes no commitment to fire Norv Turner or AJ Smith and says he will evaluate at the end of the season.   You know, I am just as happy as anyone about last nights win over the Jags, but I hope it does not come with a high price tag.  Like the illusion that Norv Turner is some sort of play calling mastermind (like the run play on 3rd and 28) or that he can motivate the players to win.  Spanos did not say that the firing was not an option, so at least Chargers fans everywhere can hold on to that.

Hal Hunter made some great moves on the offensive line.  Our new giant guard, Jared Gaither definitely showed up.  I was happy to see Rivers getting time and throwing TD’s like I remember.  Was that him smiling on the sidelines and laughing with the other players?  Spanos contends that Philip is “trying too hard” he speculates that Rivers is carrying the weight of the team on his back and in his attempts to be a play maker, bad things are happening.

Bad things didn’t happen last night.  Rivers threw for 294 yards and 3 touchdowns.  I saw Hester tweeting before the game and I called him on it.

Ok Jacob, you kept your promise.  ?

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