Which Chargers Fans Want A Loss Tonight?

By Ernie Padaon

I know you still want the Chargers to keep losing. If you are looking toward the future and have already given up on this season, then you are thinking about our spot in the 2012 draft and you want to get into that top 10. Every loss means that Norval and AJ take one step closer to the exit door.

Winning games just gives The Lord of No Rings and Norval a slight crack of light to salvaging this season. Remember that 4-8 start that Philip keeps reminding us about? It is possible that we can make miracles happen again!

The Oakland Raiders proved that they don’t want to win this division by getting murked by the Miami Dolphins. They looked AWFUL and they have the Green Bay Packers next on the schedule.

The Denver Broncos showed that they can complete passes if they have to and Tim Tebow just keeps winning ballgames. Every week, the Broncos look like the team to beat in this division and every week John Elway is cursing up a storm in his box trying to find a way to corrupt Timmy Tebow. They have to face the Bears next and we would need for them to have an epic collapse down the stretch. We have actually seen that happen before!

So, winning keeps the playoff hopes alive and losing will finally shut the door (sorta)!

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