The Two Chargers Losses That Hurt the Most

By Ernie Padaon

There are TWO losses that doomed our season. TWO games where we found a way to lose the game when a win was sitting in our laps. TWO losses in the division that DESTROYED all our hopes and dreams. Let’s act like a sadist and remember these painful losses:

Week 8 on Halloween: Monday Night Football at Kansas CityNow known as the “WORST DAY EVER!” There is 48-seconds left!!! Tie ballgame and we are deep in Kansas City territory and all we need to do is run the clock down and we would have a pretty easy field goal. Then, I can’t even explain the lack of concentration when we muff the snap and give up the football to the Chiefs.

Week 12: Last week at home against DenverLet’s just take our pedal off the gas again. This time we SETTLE for a 50+ yard field goal to win the game in overtime? WHY!?! Ryan Mathews breaks for a long run to put the team in good field position, but then we take him out? WHY? Mike Tolbert loses 4 yards on 3rd down in a situation where EVERY yard is important. Norval is KING at hitting the breaks when we are about to get a win.

These are the TWO losses that will haunt us. Two games that we should have won, but then found a way to shoot ourselves in the foot (Like Plaxico or Stevie Johnson)! After we win tonight (big assumption), we are going to be sitting that magical TWO games out from first place!

Losing those two games against division opponents hurt even more. If we end up with a tie at the top of the division (another big assumption), one of the tie breakers is our division record. Right now we are 3-4 with the Raiders left on the schedule. If only we could do those games all over again!

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