Kris Dielman Considering Retirement

By Ernie Padaon

The TOUGH GUY on the San Diego Chargers may have played his last snap in the NFL. Kris Dielman suffered a concussion in the game against the New York Jets and then suffered a seizure on the plane ride home and is now considering retirement. Here is an excerpt from Kevin Acee’s latest article:

It is believed Dielman can return, but the scare of the seizure and ongoing recovery and uncertainty regarding brain injuries has him concerned enough to have broached the topic of retirement with those close to him. – Kevin Acee

The Chargers better prepare for the future in the draft. Dielman has been a stud on the Chargers offensive front for years and it would be tough to start out next year without him.We better invest in some offensive lineman to protect Philip.

The careers of football players are short. Players have to think about their futures and their quality of life. I hope to see Dielman on the field again, but definitely can see him hanging those cleats up.

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