Chargers vs Jaguars: Game Day Predictions

By Ernie Padaon

Time to make some predictions on this ballgame. I have had a mess trying to predict the Chargers games this season, especially the outcome of the game. I usually can get some of the minor details correct though, like predicting injuries to certain players (Malcom Floyd and Larry English). Let’s give this thing another shot and see how I do:

  • Some offensive lineman leaves the game with a concussion and is out for the season
  • Ryan Mathews gets hurt again and has to leave early, probably after a fumble
  • Philip Rivers will go HAM (definition can be found here)
  • Malcom Floyd makes another ridiculously athletic catch and you know what happens after that
  • Maurice Jones-Drew will make our defense looks AWFUL
  • Some random NO NAME receiver will make a name for himself against Antoine Cason
  • Nick Novak will go pee in the locker room from now on
  • I will be frustrated often by SOME decision that Norval makes
  • The Chargers will win and keep hope alive

What are your predictions for tonight’s game?