The Punch List ~ Football Edition

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Well, it is Wednesday, time for this weeks Punch List.  Thank you for voting!

10.  Travis LaBoy  –  Staying at number 10.  LaGirl continues to disappoint.

9.   Brandyn Dombrowski  –  For a guy who is 6′ 5″ and 323 pounds you would think he could block.

8.   Greg Manusky – Staying at number 8.  I thought we might see something special since SP95 was back, but Manuresky delivered the same weak plan.

7.   Spanos Family – It is time to pull the trigger and fire AJ Smith and Norv Turner.  Follow the lead of the Jaguars.

6.   Nick Novak – Bumping out Shaun Phillips and climbing into the list at number six for peeing on the field… and missing two field goals.  Not only do I want to punch him, but he is off the boat!

5.  The Oakland Raiders  –  Dammit, they are in first!  Ahhhhhhh!

4.  AJ Smith  –  Sigh, please go make poor draft picks and hire terrible coaches somewhere else.

3.  Norv Turner  –  Right in the face.

2.  Joe Paterno  –  Pathetic.  If he was not such a loser I might feel sorry for him.  But I would rather punch him.

1.  Jerry Sandusky  –  Douchebag, Moron, all around piece of crap.

Enjoy the list and vote for next week.

ChargerGirl Cindi