Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Jack Del Rio

By Ernie Padaon

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat us to the punch by firing their head coach before our Monday Night Football matchup. We still have Norval Turner running things over in Charger Town, while the Jacksonville Jaguars will have Mel Tucker running the ship over there.

Doesn’t a Monday Night Football game with 2 interim coaches sound FUN!?!? I know it would make a lot of San Diego fans jubilant! Maybe we just wait to give him the ax before our next home game. It might actually get fans to buy more tickets to the game.

There is also a report that says that the Jags are up for sale. They are expected to stay in Jacksonville, BUT I would say that too in the middle of the season to try and keep a few fans buying tickets. Hopefully AEG and their posse are taking a look at the possibilities of the LA Jaguars. Sounds good to me!

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