Chargers vs Broncos: Lingering Questions

By Ernie Padaon

What a sickening feeling to be eliminated (not officially) from contention already! We are sitting at the bottom of the AFC West and kisses keep coming our way in different forms. We like to at least make tha games close and boring. Here are some lingering questions from this week’s loss:

  • When should we expect to win again?
  • How long till Norv Turner gets fired?
  • Why do you SETTLE for a 54 yard field goal?
  • Were we playing for the TIE?
  • Why did we pull Ryan Mathews from the game when he made things happen all day?
  • When will Norv take any blame for his mistakes?
  • Will Shaun Phillips just shut his mouth and play the game?
  • Why couldn’t Nick Novak take off his helmet to go pee?
  • Why was Tommie Harris trying to pick up the ball and score?
  • Are kickers allowed to cry after the game?
  • Should we just be happy that we didn’t turn the ball over?