Put A Fork In Us, We Are Done!

By Ernie Padaon

What an awful season!!! Time to look toward the next season and we should think about just firing Norv now! There is no reason to lead him on into thinking he can save himself and the fans would like to see a statement made with the head coach.

Again the Chargers could not make a late drive to win the game and Norval settled for a 53-yard field goal during overtime instead of getting aggressive and trying to make it a little easier for Nick Novak. The Chargers again could not cash in around the red zone and kept settling for field goals.

The defense played well and forced Tim Tebow to make plays with his arm. The defense kept giving an opportunity to Philip Rivers and the offense, but they kept stalling when we needed to put points on the board. We didn’t even turn the ball over this time, but we still found a way to lose the game.

Time to look forward to players that can help us in the future and some areas where we need to improve. This season is DONE and it is time for a change!