Things the Chargers Should Be Thankful For

By Ernie Padaon

It is much too difficult to make a list of things that we are thankful for this season, so let’s go ahead and list out the things that we are NOT thankful for:We are NOT thankful for…

  • the offensive mastermind that we call Norval Turner
  • the fumbling arms of Ryan Mathews
  • the poor decisions of Philip Rivers
  • the injured feet of Antonio Gates and Shaun Phillips
  • the injury list that we put out every week
  • the inability of Vincent Jackson to show that he is enjoying his job
  • the 2-man and 3-man rushes sent in from soft Greg Manusky
  • those glasses that Manusky wears
  • Our offensive coordinator, whoever that may be
  • the coverage of Antoine Cason or Marcus Gilchrist
  • the 15 seconds that the defensive front allows opposing quarterbacks to throw the ball
  • the false starts from Jeromey Clary
  • the faces that Philip Rivers makes during a game

I could probably keep rolling and rolling on this list, but it is Thanksgiving and don’t need to be that grumpy uncle at the dinner table. Eat up and enjoy that grub!! Happy Thanksgiving