The Punch List ~ Football Edition

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Well, it is Wednesday, time for this weeks Punch List.  Thank you for voting!

10.  Travis LaBoy  –  Taking over number 10 from the banged up O-Line.  LaGirl has done literally nothing all year.  Well, there is one sack.  Yep, one.

9.   Brandyn Dombrowski  –  For a guy who is 6′ 5″ and 323 pounds you would think he could block.

8.   Greg Manusky – Moving up the list from number 9.  Since you can’t run a defense you might as well start packing.  Maybe you and Norv will get fired together.

7.   Spanos Family – Not sure which one to put on the punch seat.  But with the nepotism and no desire to win football games the family got quite a few votes.  Alex, you are giving us Greeks a bad name!

6.   Shaun Philips – For telling the fans to “suck it”.  Why don’t you suck it up and get out there and play?  If the Chargers had a read head coach this would not be acceptable.

5.  The Oakland Raiders  –  Yep, still here.

4.  AJ Smith  –  One of the worst GM’s in the NFL.  The more I read on this guy the more punchy I get!  Did you know we got nothing for Brees?  Nothing!

3.  Norv Turner  –  “our guys are playing as good as they can”.  Maybe Philips was talking to Norv?

2.  Joe Paterno  –  Still at number two, lung cancer or not, he is not budging.

1.  Jerry Sandusky  –  Staying at the number one spot.  No explanation needed here.

Enjoy the list and vote for next week.

ChargerGirl Cindi