Reasons Why the Chargers Will Make the Playoffs

By Ernie Padaon

I was going to jot down a list of reasons on why we would make the playoffs, but in all actuality, THERE ARE NO GOOD REASONS! Philip Rivers has played terrible this whole season and we have a plethora of injuries and we have a whole city of fans that are constantly yelling for Norv’s head. Remember when we clowned the city of Denver for chanting TEBOW all game long, while watching Kyle Orton fail? We have the same exact situation playing out with our head coach.

There are no good reasons on why we should make the playoffs, BUT we have thought that this team was down and out before and we have seen them come back from the dead like zombies! We have been in worst situations and have seen this team scratch and claw and fight there way into the playoffs. We have seen almost every single player on this roster play at a higher level then they have played this season. This team is not old and outdated, the players that we have seen play at superstar levels are still in their prime.

Our team is streaky and we need to build some confidence quickly. With our backs up against the wall, we are going to have to take chances and hopefully some things will go in our direction. We need one BIG TIME play this weekend to wake up our sleeping giant of a team and we can make some noise again. The confidence can start flowing and we can have some fun again. One win can lead to two, which can lead to three and so on and so on.

This division has not been lost yet and as long as we are still in the hunt, I WILL STILL BELIEVE.

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