Getting to Know the Denver Tebows

By Ernie Padaon

This is  a new look team since the last time we saw them. They now have Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback and he is 4-1 ever since he took over. They are playing with a lot more confidence and passion and they are  looking to steal the AFC West. I talked to Kim Constantinesco from Predominantly Orange to get her thoughts on the new-look Broncos:

How long do you think that the gimmick Tebow offense will last?

As long as the running game continues its push, the offense will survive. There’s no doubt that the passing game needs to pick up steam or the option won’t work. Teams are able to pick up on new offensive trends after a few games and figure out a way to stop what’s going on. The Jets did a great job of stopping the run last week, but the Broncos energy on defense and at the end of the game was too much. The team’s offense is constantly adding new wrinkles whether it’s adding the triple option or allowing a wide receiver to throw. As long as the offense keeps the defense guessing, it will work.

What, other than Tebow, has brought the Broncos back to life?

It’s been the front seven on defense all the way. Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are sack machines and they been able to apply a lot of pressure to opposing QBs. The Broncos front four is doing a great job of stopping the run. Everything starts up front for the Broncos and it needs to. The secondary can only hold receivers for so long. The defense has hands down won games for this team over the last five weeks, but Tebow gets all the credit.

Do you still see San Diego as a threat to take this division?

Anything is possible with the Chargers. We’ve seen them take over the division in November and December way too many times, so you can never count them out. At this point though, the Bolts have a steep hill to climb and this week is a must win for them.


Broncos – 24 Chargers – 20.