Chargers vs Bears: Lingering Questions

By Ernie Padaon

Here are some lingering questions after the Chargers and Bears game this weekend:

  • Wondering if Jay Cutler had oiled up before the game, because Travis LaBoy slipped right off of him?
  • Where in the world was Philip Rivers throwing that interception (pick the interception)?
  • Do the scrubs off the street make a better offensive line than the guys we used to have?
  • Antoine Cason?
  • Does Norval have the respect of any of the players on that team?
  • Is Takeo Spikes cursed so that he can NEVER make it to the playoffs in his career?
  • Did I really witness Eric Weddle make a jarring hit?
  • Should we trade for Tim Tebow so that he can come in during the 4th quarter of games?
  • Do we have a running back that we can trust to handle the football?
  • Why is Richard Goodman allowed to run back any football that he can catch?
  • Why did we kick to Devin Hester?