Chargers 20 – Bears 31: Our Defense is AWFUL, Philip Another Pair of Picks

By Ernie Padaon

The Chargers gave up 31 points to Jay Cutler and there no name receivers. They could not stop the Bears on 3rd down and they just were getting beaten like a drum all day long. Antoine Cason was the biggest victim of the attack. He was burned ALL GAME long, like usual. We gave Cutler too much time in the pocket and he just flung the ball down the field on us.

The game really turned around when Ryan Mathews fumbled the ball and gave the ball up to the Bears. The Bears then turned it into a touchdown to go up 14 points. The Chargers were able to counter with 3 points and then the defense was able to give Philip and the offense another chance when Antoine Cason intercepted Cutler. The drive ended with Philip Rivers throwing an interception in the end zone. Philip then threw another interception on the next possession when he was trying to throw the ball away. It was a STUPID throw and it should have been just tossed out of bounds.

Norv pissed away all his interception at the end of the game also with poor clock management. It wouldn’t have mattered if we could have protected that football. The offense was looking better and Philip looked like he was doing well, but then he couldn’t finish it off again. Can Philip Rivers finish off a game for us?