The Punch List ~ Football Edition

By ChargerGirl Cindi

By popular demand, here is the first installment of my new weekly blog called The Punch List.  Obviously, this will be a list of those who have made us so angry that we would like to punch them.  I think I will handle it in similar fashion to a musical top 10 list.  So, people will stay on the list and drop off based on comments, news and my mood.

Originally, I thought this might just be for the Chargers.  Then I realized some others in the NFL needed to be added.  However, after events of the last couple weeks, college football needs to be included as well.  Here we go.

10.  The entire OL for the Chargers.   Seriously boys, you are not manning a turnstile at an amusement park here!

9.   Greg Manusky – What can I say?  You need to learn how to run a defense.

8.   Hal Hunter – Sorry Hal, you doing a less than stellar job of making sure your guys keep Rivers safe.

7.   Vincent Jackson – He isn’t even trying to catch the ball!

6.  The Oakland Raiders – This is a San Diego Chargers blog site.  Of course they are on the list.

5.  AJ Smith – One of the worst GM’s in the NFL.  The more I read on this guy the more punchy I get!

4.  Rex Ryan – Telling fans to STFU is very uncool.  He thinks he is such a bad ass, but he is just a big jerk.

3.  Norv Turner – See previous post on Norv Turner (he may never get off the list).

2.  Joe Paterno – Penn State will forever be tainted because he chose football over children.

1.  Jerry Sandusky  – No explanation needed here.  I feel so badly for his victims and the parents that trusted him. (click the link and watch Jon Stewarts take)

I do not think anyone will disagree with this weeks number one choice.  Chime in for next week.

ChargerGirl Cindi

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