Chargers vs Bears: Reasons to Cover Our Eyes

By Ernie Padaon

This game could get UGLY. The Bears are on a roll, while we are falling apart and searching for any solutions. We have to hope to get some lucky bounces somewhere. Here is a list of issues that we have to deal with this weekend:

The Turnover MonsterPhilip did a lot better protecting the ball last week against the Raiders. He only threw one interception in the game and if Vincent Jackson had seen that one ball, then he might have gotten away without a scratch.

The Bears defense is tough and forces turnovers. They picked the ball off 4 times last week and they forced 3 fumbles. We have been terrible at protecting the football this year and we better solve that issue immediately or the Bears will take it away.

Julius PeppersPeppers is one of the premier pass rushers out there and he will be looking to cause havoc in the backfield all game long. Philip Rivers better grow an extra pair of eyes so that he can see what Peppers is doing over there.

Devin HesterI will never understand why teams still kick to him. We probably will test our luck this weekend too and see what happens. Get ready to get burned!

Matt ForteWe really struggle against the run game and now we have to slow down Matt Forte. He is a tough physical runner and we are going to get a heavy dose.

Our Patchwork O-LineIf Brandyn Dombrowski has to start on the left side again, Philip Rivers better get that ball off as soon as it touches his hands. OR MAYBE we could give him a little help with the tight end or a back. We also will have both of our starting guards missing the game and we signed a couple of guys off of the streets for depth. It could get really ugly on the line.

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