Rivers – “I Still Believe”

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Philip Rivers did a radio interview today with XX Sports Radio’s Darren Smith.  You can read it all here (http://sportsradiointerviews.com/2011/11/15/nfl-week-11-previews-afc-west-standings-san-diego-chargers-qb-stats/) but here are some highlights.

When asked if having a Thursday game was nice, Rivers had to take a deep breath.  Then he talked about how losing four in a row and the last one being to the Raiders was tough.  He said that is was good to have a long week for letting mind and body heal.

On his large number of interceptions Philip said “I think it’s a combination of some things.”  Really?  I think it has been too.  He also admitted “There’s a fine line between being smart and being careless”.  Philip basically takes full ownership of what has happened, admits he trying to stay aggressive and still not give the ball away and that it’s bugging him.

Smith asked if Rivers thinks the Chargers will make the playoffs.  “It remains to be seen but I certainly still believe that we can be a playoff team.”  As long as Philip still believes then so do I.   With our division performing so poorly, it really still is any teams division to take.

Last question peaked my interest.  Smith asked Rivers if he has thought about having to answer questions about Norv Turner getting fired.  Rivers response, “I haven’t because I believe we’re gonna get it turned around. You even said I’m the ultimate optimist so I don’t expect to have to answer any of those questions.”

Philip Rivers still believes and I believe in Philip Rivers.

ChargerGirl Cindi

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